As the Christmas season approaches, there is no better time to plan the showpiece - your Christmas dinner. Kimbers Farm Shop, your go-to source for fresh produce, is here to help you plan the perfect Christmas feast. Let us embark on a culinary journey that will leave your guests speechless, from succulent meats to delicious accompaniments.

1. The Gathering - Know Your Numbers The heart of any Christmas dinner lies in the people gathered around the table. Start by confirming your head count and be sure to account for any dietary preferences or changes. Little ones and teenagers have varying appetites, so be both realistic and generous in your Christmas dinner essentials checklist.

2. The Table - Where Food Meets Ambience Beyond the food, consider the ambience you want to create. Mix and match seating arrangements for a bohemian look, or opt for bench-style seating to accommodate varying numbers. Incorporate table-top entertainment to keep everyone engaged, from decorating place mats to festive origami with napkins or paper.

3. The Kitchen - Mission Control for Culinary Brilliance Respect your kitchen as the mission control centre for Christmas Lunch. Keep it clean with designated helpers for washing up, and consider outsourcing some tasks to ease the workload. Remember to let the turkey rest, and precise timing is key – set multiple timers to ensure everything is ready to serve simultaneously. Simplify your kitchen tasks with Kimbers Farm Shop's pre-prepared Christmas essentials, available for convenient delivery to your doorstep.

The star of any Christmas dinner is undeniably the centrepiece – the turkey. At Kimbers Farm Shop, we offer a premium selection of top-quality meats to ensure your festive feast is nothing short of extraordinary. Explore our range of succulent turkeys, hams, and beef joints, all available for convenient online ordering.

No Christmas dinner is complete without the perfect condiments to enhance the flavours of your chosen meats. In our Christmas Dinner Essentials Checklist, discover a selection of exquisite condiments curated to complement your festive feast:

  • Rose Farm Cranberry Sauce: A fantastic traditional cranberry sauce, perfect for pairing with Christmas turkeys and cheeses.
  • Rose Farm Hot English Mustard: Experience the classic, handmade, and hot English mustard with a family-owned recipe, adding a spicy kick to your holiday meats.
  • Chicken, White Wine & Tarragon Gravy: Indulge in the Christmas comfort of a delicious blend of flavors, perfect for pouring over your seasonal dinners.
  • Shropshire Spice Bread Sauce: Made from white bread crumbs with hints of cloves and garlic, this sauce is ideal with any seasonal meat dish.
  • Choice of Stuffing: Select from Cranberry, Orange & Roasted Chestnut, Roasted Chestnut, or Wild Sage & Roasted Onion stuffing options to elevate your festive meal.

4. The Little Extras - Thoughtful Touches for a Memorable Feast Focus on the little details that make your Christmas dinner unforgettable. Consider crafting your own crackers for a personal touch, opt for fairy lights instead of candles for safety, and set up a separate drinks table to free up space. Enhance the festive atmosphere with greenery, garlands, and cosy blankets for added warmth.

5. The Traditions - Timeless Rituals Embrace and create traditions that add a timeless touch to your Christmas celebration. Whether it's a ritual passed down through generations or one you're starting anew, these traditions, often cost-free, become the essence of Christmas.

6. The Napkins - Decorative Essentials Turn the functional into the decorative with colourful napkins and beautiful napkin rings. Engage family members by folding napkins into creative shapes, adding a touch of whimsy to your festive table setting.

7. The Sparkle - Cheers to a Sparkling Celebration Ensure your glassware shines bright by using white wine vinegar for a spotless finish. Every detail matters, and a little effort in making your glasses sparkle adds a touch of elegance to your Christmas feast. Explore our premium selection of festive beverages at Kimbers Farm Shop, featuring exquisite wines and spirits to elevate your celebration, all available for convenient online purchase.

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