Here at Kimbers’ Farm Shop, we believe that locally sourced produce is best! In today’s fast paced world, we understand that consumers are becoming increasingly more conscious about the source of the food on their table. The move towards locally sourced produce has been gaining momentum, driven by a desire for freshness, sustainability, and the joy of supporting local communities. For us, embracing locally sourced produce isn’t just a trend - it is a way of life.

Freshness & Quality

One of the most significant advantages of knowing where your food comes from, is that you can taste the freshness. By sourcing meat, vegetables and other produce locally from nearby farms, we can offer our customers produce that is harvested at the peak of its ripeness. The result is superior quality flavours, textures, and higher nutritional values than store bought produce.

All of our produce has been treated with great care and love, from all stages of production. Our meat, down to the jams, are all made to create a great tasting product to love at home. With our animals, quality is maintained by using wholesome animal feed including home grown wheat, maize/grass silage and meadow hay - all used during the winter months. The cattle graze in the summer with special formulated rations for finishing, without the use of growth promoters. We are responsible traditional farmers, using fertilisers and herbicides only according to need. Find out more about our animals here.

Our jams are made with the finest fruits and ingredients, our delightful range of preserves make the perfect accompaniment to your home dining. Whether you're a fan of strawberry jam, marmalade, lemon curd or honey, we've got a delicious selection to add to your breakfast toast or afternoon scone!

Our dairy produce is made from top quality ingredients, making delicious cheese, butters, milk and cream. Cheese production in Somerset is renowned all over the world. The majority of our milk is sold to Wyke Farms Ltd, who make farmhouse cheese and butter available in our shop. Milk is also sold to Somerset Dairies who pasteurise and bottle our milk. We offer it in a variety of ways, from whole, semi-skimmed and skimmed, plus single and double and clotted cream. Unpasteurised milk direct from the farm with all its recognised qualities is only available at the farm shop and farmers markets.

Supporting Local Farmers

By sourcing locally, Kimbers’ Farm Shop plays a vital role in supporting the local economy and agricultural community. By purchasing locally from nearby farmers, we help to sustain small businesses and preserve agricultural traditions. This direct support strengthens the local food system and reduces reliance on large - scale industrial agriculture. The luscious, sweet pastures of Charlton Musgrove grow the majority of the balanced feed, producing quality animals. Using the expertise of small local slaughterhouses dramatically reduces stress and enhances carcass quality. Then the beef, veal and lamb carcasses are improved by the all important hanging process which adds to the flavour, texture and tenderness.

All of our meat, veg, and delicious chutneys and accompaniments come together to create some moreish and indulgent grazing boards. They are perfect for any occasion, bringing people together with the love of fresh food and quality ingredients. With different sizes available, you can choose the perfect size for your gathering, from two people, up to six - eight for a special occasion.

Reduced Environmental Impact 

Locally sourced produce has a lower environmental impact compared to products that have been transported over long distances. By minimising the distance that food travels from farm to table, Kimbers’ Farm Shop reduces carbon emissions associated with air travel. Additionally, supporting local farmers who use sustainable farming practices help preserve natural resources and biodiversity. By knowing where our produce comes from, we can have greater transparency with our customers regarding the origin of their food. This can provide confidence for consumers, knowing where their food has come from, how it was grown or raised, and who produced it. This transparency builds trust and fosters a closer relationship between consumers and their food.

Seasonality & Variety

Embracing locally sourced produce allows us at Kimbers Farm Shop to celebrate the seasonal bounty of the region. By highlighting seasonal meat, veg and other products created, we can offer customers a diverse array of fresh, flavourful options throughout the year, knowing it will taste its best. This emphasis on seasonality encourages customers to explore new flavours with each season that unfolds, enjoying a varied diet that aligns with the natural rhythm of the environment.

As spring has sprung, we have a wide selection of lamb to ensure there is a cut suitable for every table, no matter how big. Our lamb meat is available through our partnership with local farmers. During the autumn/winter months we have ewes and lambs on the farm to utilise the grazing and assist in improving our pastures.

Locally sourced produce isn’t just a buzzword, it’s a cornerstone of Kimbers’ Farm Shop’s commitment to quality, sustainability, as well as showing our support to local communities and produce makers. By prioritising freshness, supporting local farmers, reducing environmental impact, and embracing the produce of each season, we are proud to produce the best quality ingredients for your shopping experience, contributing to a more resilient food system.

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