During BBQ season, there's a frequently occurring problem that keeps coming up time and again - how do you stop chicken breasts from drying out on the grill? Although your favourite outdoor cooking staple gives chicken that juicy, smoky flavour that really evokes the sunny summer seasons, working with the high heat of the grill is often easier said than done!

To help you get great results every time, Kimbers' Farm Shop will guide you through a few key steps you need to take when it comes to producing a juicy, tender chicken breast and make you a veteran at your next family BBQ.

#1. Don't Remove The Skin!

If you really don't like it that much you can always take it off after you cook, but taking the skin off before you put your tender chicken on the grill is a fast way to a dry, chewy and disappointing experience. The skin and bone help to keep the meat juicy and moist throughout the harsh cooking process on the BBQ and because chicken is such a lean meat, it really benefits from cooking against a little fat that will help create and retain that gorgeous smoky flavour.

#2. Marinade If You Can

Marinades such as brine help to keep your chicken succulent and enhance the flavour by absorbing in the solution and staving off the dryness. You can use BBQ sauces and bottled supermarket marinades but these are typically more unhealthy and packed with sugar - brine is a great, simple, go-to marinade that you can't go wrong with.

#3. Prepare Your Grill 

When it comes to the BBQ - preparation is key. If you want a hassle free experience, make sure the grill your cooking is in good condition and always clean and free of any debris and dirt - this is not only good hygiene practice but will also prevent your favourite cuts of meat from sticking. Leave plenty of time between setting up the coals and your guests sitting down for dinner so you can get the BBQ hot and spend time on preparing and cooking your best chicken pieces to ultimate effect!

#4. Cook Chicken Under A Brick

Having issues cooking chicken breasts? A quick and easy way to golden, crispy and delicious chicken; wrap a brick in aluminium foil and place it straight on top of your chicken breast. The pressure of the brick on the meat helps cook it far more evenly, rewarding you with those mouth-watering grill stripes and keeps the breast itself covered, preventing it from drying out by helping retain the moisture. Your favourite pieces of chicken will be fragrant, full of flavour and cooked far more consistently.

Post By Ed Mason

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