Terms & Conditions

Delivery & Costs

Next day delivery £7.65 up to 10kg and 30p/kg thereafter.

Parcels are dispatched from us on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays for next day delivery. Orders received before 1pm will be despatched the same day, after 1pm will be despatched the following day. You will be emailed when your order has been dispatched. We check the progress of your delivery.

Parcels can be left unsigned for if this is helpful. Kindly let us know of a suitable safe place where your delivery may be left if you will be out, or we could leave with a neighbour or deliver to your work address. If no message is given the driver will do his best to find a safe place. Please refrigerate at the first opportunity.

Deliveries can of course be sent to friends or family as a gift....

Offshore Islands and remote areas of Scotland do carry a delivery surcharge. Please enquire by emailing: info@kimbersfarmshop.co.uk

Suggested Action on Receipt of Your Delivery

Your paperwork is included within the parcel.

Our products can be stored in the fridge for a few days (please note use by dates on the wrapping) or you could freeze almost all products - please check the label. If contained in trays or vacuum packed, products can be placed in the fridge or freezer as they are.

Please Note: Meats wrapped over a period of time without air around them can acquire an odour due to the anaerobic environment, especially with 'hung meats’. This will dissipate within 10-15 minutes of unwrapping.

Safe Food Handling

At Kimbers our systems are scrupulous in food hygiene & handling and we urge you to take similar steps to avoid any possibilities of cross-contamination:

Raw meat and poultry should be stored at the bottom of a fridge and cooked items uppermost; and food preparation should be done on different surfaces.

With houses being largely warmer these days, great care should be taken to minimise the length of time that foods are left un-chilled.

Above all, please relish our food as much as we have enjoyed preparing it for you... Bon appétit!

Farming the same land for 300 years