Choosing the right gift for Father's Day isn't always easy, particularly when you're trying to look for something a little more memorable and different. Most dads love nothing more than some great quality cuts of meat to enjoy; so if you're looking to avoid the generic offerings on the supermarket isles, Kimbers' has put together a hassle-free guide to upgrading your Father's Day gift search. We have a selection to suit everything from a lavish dinner to a sunny BBQ that the whole family can enjoy too!

Gourmet BBQ Box

Who doesn't like a BBQ? If there's one thing we know, it's that every dad loves lighting up the charcoals and getting a sizzling summery feast going when the weather heats up a little. The Gourmet BBQ Box is the perfect treat for getting the whole family involved. Contains 4 Aberdeen Angus 4oz Burgers made from high quality, free range beef, chicken drumsticks and thighs from traditionally reared poultry, as well as a whole host of other delicious favourites for grilling.

Mini Meat Box for One

Your dad will be set with this mini meat box! Contains a cut of meat for an array of different meal times and opportunities. Includes everything from a delicious prime steak made from Aberdeen Angus beef, high quality mince beef, a succulent free range chicken breasts and even 6 rashers of bacon for breakfast! Nothing will go to waste when you purchase this quick and easy selection that's perfect for anyone who appreciates great quality food but wants to work it around their busy lifestyle.

Three Wise Birds Ale Gift Box

Want a great addition to a Father's Day meal? This is a must-have gift for any fans of fine beverages. Includes a malt, bitter and premium ale selection - all complete with a truly refined and full-bodied taste. Whether you like an aromatic, fruity flavour, or a robust golden choice, there's something for everyone.

Sizzling Grill & Steak Box

The ultimate meat box gift to give - this is probably one of the most versatile selections we have. The Sizzling Grill & Steak Box offers great results on the BBQ and conventional cooking alike, making it perfect for preparing during the week and saving a few cuts for that weekend BBQ!

Boys Night In Gift Hamper

The perfect way for any dad to unwind on Father's Day with a rural twist! This hamper is packed full of Somerset treats including West Country beef jerky, organic cheddar cheese, a bottle of Tawny Owl Bitter with a distinctive bitter flavour and much more...

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