As springtime begins to bloom, there’s no better way to enjoy the seasonal meats and vegetables than with us at Kimbers’ Farm Shop. Our family run business stands for quality fresh produce, offering a wide selection of meats, veg, dairy products, and great deli and grocery items for you and your whole family to enjoy. We want to help you get Easter ready with our picks for this joyous season.

The Easter Favourite

Easter is synonymous with tender, succulent, delicious lamb, packed with flavour. At Kimbers’ Farm Shop, we boast a fine selection of meat, suiting your dish, as well as the number of guests around your dinner table this coming Easter Sunday. Whether you prefer a leg of lamb for a traditional roast, or succulent lamb chops for a BBQ, if the weather allows, our premium lamb promises full flavour for a fantastic centrepiece of your Easter feast. If you are hosting for the whole extended family, our Kimbers Special Half A Lamb might be the one for you. This large bundle of meat includes half a lamb, which is perfect for freezing or roasting on the day. The lamb can be butchered to your own requirements, including 1 whole leg, which can be cut into 2, 1 whole shoulder, a rack of lamb, 6 loin chops, a lamb breast, which can be rolled out or minced to your preference, as well as some neck chops. Our fresh Somerset lamb offers great flavours and a promise of quality.

Or if you are having a more low key Easter Sunday, the Lamb Boned and Rolled Shoulder might be the best option. Feeding up to 4 people per kg, this will feed a family nicely. It is an easy to carve and serve piece of meat. This cut is best served pink, delicious with redcurrant and rosemary gravy to bring out the richness of the seasonal lamb.

Classic Beef

If you aren’t a fan of lamb, we have a wide range of delicious and succulent beef cuts for your dinner table this year. Our sumptuous range of home produced Aberdeen Angus beef is grass-fed, offering a fantastic flavour and a versatile meal choice for dishes such as a classic roast dinner, casserole, stew or bolognese. With a wide variety of Aberdeen Angus beef to choose from, including steaks, roasting joints and mince, you are sure to find the perfect cut your whole family will love.

Our Aberdeen Angus cows are grass fed on Somerset’s lush, grassy pastures. They are free range from early spring well into the autumn, where they can roam and return to shelter from the harsh winter weather. The meat is hand selected by our Traditional Master Butcher, for the best quality. Our 21 day naturally dry aged bone beef produces rich, marbled, extra tender, and beautifully flavoured meat for you to enjoy.

This Beef Rib on the Bone can be a fantastic centrepiece on your Easter Sunday feast. This delicious beef rib has been left on the bone for maximum flavour, perfect for a classic roast with all of the trimmings. The marbling of the meat and thin layer of fat provides an unrivalled flavour. Our biggest cut, 5 kg, can serve up to 20 people, but for a smaller dinner serving, our 1.5 kg cut can easily feed up to 6 people.

Spring Greens

Celebrate the season with an array of fresh, vibrant greens and vegetables. Our selection of spring vegetables is perfect for that splash of colour on your Easter Sunday dinner plate. Our wide choice can be used for bright salads, delicious side dishes, and vegetable platters to accompany your meal nicely. Our Seasonal Veg Box is the perfect accompaniment to our meat box selections. It is guaranteed to include the freshest seasonal versatile ingredients. Our veg boxes are sourced from local farmers, locally grown in Somerset as well as across the border in Wiltshire and Dorset. Some of our suppliers include Chris Rich, a small family business, producing great quality fresh vegetables, fruit and flowers, all traditionally grown. Also, the Isle of Wight Garlic Farm, is another family business who have been growing garlic for over 60 years, who even make black garlic beer and garlic ice cream. There are many others who help us to supply the most flavourful tastes to your table.

Meal Pairings

Why not pair your hearty Easter dinner with a glass of wine from our selection here at Kimber’s Farm Shop. From crisp, refreshing whites, to full body reds, our wines can be the perfect accompaniment to a relaxed family dinner. The French Les Oliviers Merlot Mourvedre pairs wonderfully with lamb. It is a fruity red wine with a slightly wild edge, named after the olive groves which flourish around the sun drenched vineyards of southern France. It has a great rich satisfying finish, pairing well with the lamb on your family get together.

If you and your family are enjoying a joint of beef this Easter Sunday, the Soldier's Block Shiraz - Victoria from Australia could be the best choice. It has a bright, aromatic and juicy flavour, bringing a fine bright fruity elegance to a rich beef dinner. A bold full flavoured wine compliments the beef's full bodied flavour intensity nicely.

With our commitment to freshness and great quality ingredients, from our ethically reared and butchered produce, we invite you to choose us to put on a showstopper of an Easter dinner. However you’re celebrating, be it with your large family around the table for a lavish brunch, or a cosy more relaxed family dinner, our seasonal offerings are sure to add that springtime touch to your festivities. We promise that quality and care has gone into each stage of preparing your meal for your plate.

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