Mutton is a highly traditional cut of meat favoured for its strong flavour and texture. Derived from fully grown sheep, it’s often a source of pride for butchers to provide quality mutton - and Kimbers Farm Shop is no exception. If you were interested in using this meat in your next big meal, have a look at these 5 mutton meal ideas.

#1 Rogan Josh Curry

Diced mutton and curry are the perfect combination. It’s a major ingredient in Kashmiri cooking, and is indeed embedded deeply into the cuisine of Central Asia.

If you had to choose one curry to make with mutton, we’d suggest rogan josh - a dish which is famous in the northern region of India. The recipe calls for the meat to be marinated and cooked along with the spices mix, resulting in an incomparable palette pleaser.

#2 Mutton Stew

When most people think of mutton, they think of a good stew. It’s easy to see why; the slow cooking of the meat and its tender outcome make an excellent accompaniment to rice and vegetables.

There’s countless variations of mutton stew. Again the Indian influence seeps in with dozens of recipes that call for spices, coconut, Suma cous cous as well as fruits such as apricot. For a more British variant you might like a more simple mixture of potatoes, stock and chantenay carrots.

#3 Slow Roast Leg of Mutton

If you love having a piece of meat you can season and slow cook to perfection, then you must try serving a whole leg of mutton.

Fill the leg with garlic and rosemary, and allow it to take its time in the roasting tin. You can also add a couple generous glasses of red wine to add depth to the flavour, or smother it in a peppery rub to add a rich concoction of flavours.

#4 Mutton Fillet

When you’re only cooking for a few people, a fillet of mutton is a smaller portion that takes much less time to prepare.

Once again, there’s dozens of ways to cook it, though you can’t go wrong with an espagnole sauce, accompanied with sliced mushrooms and a bit of chopped parsley.

#5 Mutton Burgers

If you’re feeling very adventurous and want to cook something totally new, then why not try turning mutton mince into mutton burgers?

Overall there’s not too much difference between cooking these and beef burgers. You just need to be careful you don’t overcook the meat (else you’ll toughen it), and that you don’t forget to flavour it with garlic and rosemary.

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