If you're struggling to sear your steak to absolute perfection, Kimbers' will take you through the most common mishaps you encounter before, during and after the cooking process.

#1. You Don't Pat It Dry

Pat your steak dry with a piece of kitchen roll to get rid of the surface moisture. Any fluid on the outside of your steak can prevent a good quality crust from taking shape.

#2. You Cook Your Steak Cold

This steak cooking jury may be out on this one, but we believe that allowing your steak around 30 minutes to reach room temperature will create a more even cooking result.

#3. You Don't Flavour Your Steak Correctly

You can flavour your steak beautifully with some chunky grains of salt and pepper. Sprinkle your seasoning of choice liberally onto a chopping board, rubbing and pushing the salt and pepper evenly into the meat to mop up all the flavours possible.

#4. Your Pan's Not Hot Enough

Make sure your pan is hot.

The pan needs to be heated for several minutes until you feel the heat radiating off the pan. Once hot, add a couple of teaspoons of oil and you'll be on your way to achieving that perfect crust.

#5. You're Not Letting The Pan Do All The Work

Flip your steak every few minutes, allowing it to sizzle and sear to develop the crust perfectly.

#6. When It's Cooked, Don't Touch It!

When your steak is cooked, it's tempting to start playing around or preparing it with the rest of your dish... DON'T!

Don't poke it, prod it, cut it, cover it in foil, just let it rest undisturbed for around 5-7 minutes. This allows all the hot juices and flavours to distribute evenly around the inside of the meat - but you need to completely leave it alone to allow this process to complete.

#7. You're Not Slicing Against The Grain

The best way to get the tenderest slices and slivers of steak is to cut it against the grain. First off, find out which way the individual strands of muscle fibres are pointing and cut the opposite way with a sharp steak knife.

Post By Ed Mason

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