Tips For The Perfect BBQ

Tuesday, 1st of August 2023

Summer is the perfect season for firing up the grill and mastering the art of outdoor grilling. At Kimbers Farm Shop, we think that a successful BBQ experience begins with the finest cuts of meat and a few basic cooking recommendations. This blog will take

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Top Picks for the Perfect Father's Day BBQ

Friday, 2nd of June 2023

Father's Day is just around the corner, and what better way to honour the special dads in our lives than with a mouthwatering BBQ feast? At Kimbers, we take immense pride in sourcing and providing exceptional quality meat and poultry for all your culinary

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How To Make The Most Of Seasonal Eating & Support Local Farmers

Monday, 17th of April 2023

As more and more people become conscious of their health and the environment, the idea of seasonal eating is gaining popularity. Eating seasonally means consuming produce that is grown and harvested at its peak freshness, which translates into maximum flavour,

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From Our Farm To Your Table - Romantic Valentine's Meal Ideas

Wednesday, 8th of February 2023

Valentine's Day is a day to celebrate love and show appreciation for the special people in your life. What better way to express your love than a home cooked, romantic dinner? Whether you're in a relationship or celebrating with friends, a meal from farm to

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How To Create A Delicious Farm-To-Table Meal At Home

Tuesday, 24th of January 2023

It's simpler than you think to prepare a delicious farm-to-table meal at home. You can enhance any dish and add a unique and delicious touch to your home cooking by using fresh, locally sourced ingredients. We are very proud at Kimber's to supply and produce

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The Ultimate Christmas Dinner Checklist

Wednesday, 9th of November 2022

Christmas is quickly approaching, and now is the ideal time to start planning for the big day. Whether you're hosting the entire family or just enjoying a low-key Christmas, the food is what truly makes Christmas Day special. Christmas is without a doubt one

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