If you want to give your favourite recipes a little taste of autumn, Kimbers' Farm Shop has put together a definitive list to spicing up any type of meat when the leaves start to fall.


This gorgeously fragrant Mediterranean herb is typically paired up with Italian and French cuisine, but it also makes the perfect Autumnal seasoning to warm you up during the colder months.

Rosemary is a great choice for accentuating lamb, chicken or pork flavours, adding to stews or for placing a few decorative leaves on top of any dish you're serving for a dash of spicy seasonal flavour.


Oregano is an unmistakable flavour, synonymous with Italian dishes, but it also works incredibly well as an autumnal seasoning due to its potent, warming and slightly bitter flavour that compliments more common dishes using lamb, pork shoulder or beef as well as enhancing the smooth and delicate taste of veal.


Brightens and invigorates the flavours in your chosen steaks, meatloaf, lamb and veal dishes, parsley is an autumn favourite that you can garnish any meat and vegetable sides with and really put emphasis on existing flavours.

Featuring a mild and slightly bitter taste, you can also use this herb as a garnish to bring colour to any dinnertime meal you have in mind for the colder months.


A herbal staple that is probably in your kitchen already! The refreshing and cooling taste helps liven up anything from lamb and chicken to veal and even fish, adding depth to the meat flavour and also lifting the sweet taste of chocolate based desserts.

Post By Ed Mason

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