When it comes to traditional festive food, few dinning tables should be without a juicy turkey centerpiece when Christmas Day comes around. So to take away the stress and eliminate the December rush from your yuletide celebrations, Kimbers' Farm Shop have compiled the ultimate selection of Turkey, Meat & Christmas Hampers to make this year's Christmas the most delicious and fuss-free yet...

Kimbers' Christmas Checklist

#1. Make a list - Create a festive timetable or itinerary that you can stick to your fridge and stay on track! Jotting down specific steps, timings and ingredients you still need to get will make your Christmas planning a smooth operation. Also make notes of things like your guests' dietary requirements and anything else that will make the big day perfect for everyone involved.

#2. Stock up on food storage - Over the Christmas season it's possible to get so caught up on the Christmas dinner that you forgot about what happens next... Extra clingfilm, foil and plastic containers to store your leftovers will make the post-Christmas meal preparation and tidy up free of hassle.

#3. Clear out your fridge - Whether you're doing one big festive food shop or buying things as you go, clearing out your fridge and freezer will give you loads of room to keep organised in the run up to Christmas Day. It may even help to dedicate a spare fridge to your Christmas ingredients if your main fridge is short on space.

#4. Prep the day before - Make desserts, cranberry sauce, stuffing, and any other before and after dinner treats on Christmas Eve. You'll thank yourself on Christmas day and ensure that you get to fit in some quality time with your family around your cooking duties!

#5. Keep it simple - preparing endless dishes and side dishes to accompany your Christmas dinner will not only take the focus away from the main attraction, your stress levels will also hit the roof trying to spin all the different festive plates at once. Stick to no more than 5 really well made sides to accompany your goose or turkey.

Kimbers Complete Christmas Meat Hamper

Want to go all out this Christmas? You can't go wrong with a large helping of classic meat cuts to keep every happy - and this hamper is no exception. Perfect for feeding large numbers; with your choice of turkey and gammon, as well as a delicious beef topside, this is a showstopper of a choice.

Free Range Goose

The oldest and most traditional Christmas dinner centrepiece, a succulent free range goose on your table is guaranteed to satisfy any festive purists. Full of rich, deep taste, make this year your most memorable feast yet and choose from our serving options to find the right bird for you!

Kimbers Traditional Christmas Turkey & Trimmings

Enjoy turkey and all the trimmings with this amazing Kimbers hamper with your choice of turkey and other essentials for a traditional Christmas dinner. Includes a Traditional White Free Range Turkey, pork sausage meat, chipolata sausages and rashers of streaky bacon with serving options to suit exactly what you're looking for.

Slow Cooker Special Meat Box

Slow cookers are popular, and it's no surprise why - they help to make meat more tender, accentuating flavour while using far less energy than a conventional oven. Our Slow Cooker Special meat box will have you converted in no time - our entire meat selection will cook beautifully and easily with amazing results.

After Dinner Tipple Christmas Gift Box

Extend the enjoyment of the Christmas feast with an 'After Dinner Tipple' that is anything but a last minute afterthought. Relax with a couple of Somerset liqueurs such as a strong, dry and distinctive Nun's Choice Liqueur and a ruby red Cherry Brandy Liqueur with aromatic cherry flavours and a light natural taste.

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