Christmas is quickly approaching, and now is the ideal time to start planning for the big day. Whether you're hosting the entire family or just enjoying a low-key Christmas, the food is what truly makes Christmas Day special. Christmas is without a doubt one of the busiest times of the year for any household around the country, especially for the family cook! This year, however, we've made things extra easy for you by providing the ultimate Christmas Dinner checklist, so you can ensure you have the proper amount of food for your guests and don't forget anything!

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Whole Free Range Turkey

Everything starts with the turkey! Christmas would be incomplete without a turkey! We have 45 years of experience raising the best-flavoured, high-welfare bird on our own farm in Somerset. With our Whole Free Range Turkey, you have an option between two distinct birds. First, choose between a traditional free range white turkey or a free range bronze turkey. The giblets are included, as well as a pamphlet with storage, preparation, and cooking instructions.

Whole Free Range Turkey

Pigs In Blankets

Christmas would be incomplete without some succulent Pigs in Blankets. This Christmas side dish is incredibly simple to make and features our Handmade Pork Chipolatas and Gloucester Old Spot Oak Smoked Streaky Bacon.

Coat the Pigs in Blankets with our Rose Farm Wholegrain Mustard and a drizzle of Honey and Rosemary.

Christmas Dinner Accompaniment Essentials

Our Christmas Dinner Accompaniment Essentials pack has all of the condiments and accompainments you'll need for the big day. This essentials package includes a jar of traditional Cranberry Sauce, classic hot Mustard, comforting Christmas gravy, Bread Sauce and a pack of your favourite flavoured stuffing for you to choose from. 

Christmas Dinner Accompaniment Essentials

Seasonal Vegetable Box

Our Seasonal Veg Box has all of the vegetables you'll need for Christmas. Depending on the season, we provide a good selection of vegetables and salads. Our veggies are primarily supplied from small, local farms in Somerset and across the border in Wiltshire and Dorset.

Seasonal Vegetable Box

Cauliflower Cheese

Nothing beats a rich and creamy cauliflower cheese with your Christmas dinner. Our Keens' Unpasteurised Cheddar Cheese has a strong flavour, so your cauliflower cheese will be cheesy and flavourful. With a rich, nutty, and creamy flavour, this wonderful cheese is ideal for melting, adding to your cheeseboard, or just using in your sandwich filling. Why not, after supper, make a nice cheese board with this cheese too? 


On Christmas Day, it's critical to have a wonderful selection of wines, which is why we propose both a red and a white wine to suit and keep your guests pleased! Our Pasquiers Sauvignon Blanc/Vermentino - Vin de Pays d'Oc has a tangy, complex flavour and is a highly aromatic smooth wine, whereas our Les Oliviers Merlot Mourvedre - Vin de Pays d'Oc has a rich satisfying finish.

Belvoir Raspberry Lemonade

Children and non-drinkers will enjoy our Belvoir Raspberry Lemonade. This mildly sparkling and pleasant beverage is produced with pressed raspberry juice, squeezed lemon juice, and spring water.

Belvoir Raspberry Lemonade


Our biscuits provide a charming little touch to your supper and are ideal for a late-night snack. It's important to have a choice of biscuits, which is why our Moores Butter Crunch Biscuits and Moores Chocolate Chip Biscuits are great choices. Both are irresistible, making it difficult to choose!

Moores Chocolate Chip Biscuits

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