If you’re in the mood for a different meat other than chicken for dinner, beef provides a delicious alternative. Although red meat is not recommended to be eaten every day, it does provide an excellent source of protein, iron, zinc and other nutrients which are healthy to be consumed once in a while. Offering fantastic flavour and a versatile meal choice for dishes such as casserole, stew or bolognese, a joint of beef will please the whole family. So for great meal choice ideas, here are our top beef recipes!

Beef Rolled Rib

Beef Stew
Healthy and satisfying for a cold winter’s evening, this beef recipe provides a perfect meal choice. To make the stew you need stock, leeks, celery, carrots, plain flour, additional sprigs of thyme or rosemary and of course some diced beef!

Beef Wellington
A truly delicious meal that never fails to hit the spot, beef wellington consists of a tender fillet of beef, puff pastry, mushrooms, onion, rosemary and is topped with gravy. Simple to cook in the oven, this classic beef recipe is ideal for dinner parties and other special occasions.

Beef Bourguignon
An elegant dish from Burgundy, this offers French food at its most comforting. The beef recipe consists of red wine, beef, onion, carrots and can be served with rice. The secret to a successful bourguignon is slow cooking and allowing the flavours to develop overnight.

Beef Stroganoff
Beef stroganoff offers a fantastic dish to make the most of any diced beef you have available in the house. Simply add condensed cream of mushroom soup, milk, sliced mushrooms and serve with pasta. This beef recipe can also be used for slow cooking and put in the freezer if necessary.

Beef Curry
Another one for the slow cooker, a simple beef curry is full of flavour and is a perfect choice for tender beef. Consisting of cumin, coriander, turmeric, onion, garlic, sunflower oil, yoghurt and other flavourings, this beef recipe can be served with rice and naan bread.

Our sumptuous range of home produced Aberdeen Angus beef is grass-fed offering excellent taste. With a wide variety to choose from including steaks, roasting joints and mince, you are sure to find a beef recipe the whole family will enjoy.

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