The summer is finally here and although we may not have the best weather here in the UK, what better way to make most of those occasional sunny days than with a delicious barbecue? Whether you’re a fan of juicy burgers, succulent chicken wings or barbecue ribs, we’ve got a selection to treat your every taste. Outdoor dining provides the perfect opportunity to get friends and family together and what’s more, it’s so versatile to suit any cooking ability (Dads included). So to ensure you cook up a storm in your garden this summer, here’s our 8 BBQ recipes to try this summer!


1. Barbecued Beef Burgers

When it comes to barbecues, you can’t beat a classic beef burger and they taste even better on an outdoor grill. Here at Kimbers, we have a range of handmade burgers prepared with fresh meat by our butcher. For extra flavour, we recommend adding cheese, caramelised onion and barbecue sauce.

2. Cajun Chicken Burgers
If you fancy an alternative to beef, a chicken burger makes a delicious barbecue recipe to try. Whether you fancy wings, drumsticks or breast, you can add some cumin, coriander and paprika to make a tasty cajun seasoning.


3. Barbecue Hot Dogs
Handmade fresh sausages are a tasty barbecue option and are open to a variety of sauces in addition to ketchup or mustard. For a great barbecue recipe, you can try spicy mayo, mint leaves, onions and chopped jalapenos.

4. Grilled Bacon
Bacon tastes great most of the time, but even more so when it is grilled on an outdoor barbecue! For a delicious meal, you can enjoy strips of bacon on their own, layered in a burger or wrapped around other pieces of meat or onion.


5. Barbecue Steak
There are a number of ways to cook steak, however it is best to season the meat just before you start cooking it to ensure it doesn’t draw out the juices. Ideally your barbecued steak should be lightly charred on the outside and tender on the inside.

6. Lamb Koftas
A quick and easy barbecue recipe, lamb koftas are great for tasting on their own, or with seasoning if you prepare. They are also best served with yoghurt and spiced flat breads.


7. Barbecue Ribs
The most important aspect of a barbecue ribs recipe is the marinade which makes the final flavour, however it is best to pour this over the meat once it is cooked. You can season the meat before cooking with garlic powder, salt and black pepper.

8. Chorizo Skewers
Chorizo makes a fantastic meaty option and delicious barbecue recipe due to its rich flavour. It is perfect for adding with chicken and for a marinade with oil, garlic, oregano, paprika, lemon juice or sugar.


So now we’ve given you this mouthwatering list of barbecue recipes to try, there’s no reason why your summer can’t be a good one! For more ideas, browse our full range of fresh meat here.

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