The latest food trend that seems to be sweeping across social media is highly stylised cheese/charcuterie boards. These charcuterie boards have become an outlet for creativity with people creating mouthwatering displays using ingredients found on a humble cheese board.

So-called ‘Cheese Plate Influencers’ are inspiring people with their delicious creations which have become a growing fascination for many people. If you want to have a go at creating your own dazzling charcuterie board then look no further. In this blog post, we will include some of our foodie favourites that will help you make up an amazing charcuterie board that not only tastes good but looks good too!


No charcuterie board would be complete without some delicious cold meat. Our delicious range of charcuterie, chorizo and other cold meats are all handmade in Somerset and include beef, pork, salami and more. Here are some of our favourites!

Somerset Charcuterie Sliced Fennel Salami

This multi-award winning classic Somerset Charcuterie Sliced Fennel Salami is a real treat, made using the very best Somerset pork that's reared outdoors.

Somerset Charcuterie Sliced Pancetta

Our Somerset Charcuterie Sliced Pancetta is made using delicious cured pork belly from a traditional breed and tastes simply fantastic.

Somerset Charcuterie Sliced Coppa

Rich and creamy, this Somerset Charcuterie Sliced Coppa is made from pork shoulder that's been cured with juniper, salt and telicherry pepper. It's then hung for 3 months before it's ready to enjoy.

Somerset Charcuterie Sliced Duck Breast

Lightly cured and dried, this Somerset Charcuterie Sliced Duck Breast is deliciously rich and would make a luxurious addition to any charcuterie board.


Now that the meat is sorted, we can move onto the cheese. Our delicious range of fresh British cheese includes a variety to suit everyone. Whether you're a fan of mild flavours such as organic brie or cheddar, or something more mature, our wonderful dairy products are all sourced from local producers. 

Ford Farm Dorset Red Cheese

A smoky Dorset Red Cheese made with creamy milk sourced from cows that graze on the pastures of West Dorset. This is a delicate oak-smoked hard cheese, with a creamy texture and amber colour.

Isle of Wight Blue Cheese

The Isle of Wight Blue Cheese has a natural rind, with a soft texture from Guernsey cows' milk. Blue veined, it is sold at 3 - 5 weeks of age. It is covered in green, blue, grey and white moulds, providing bags of character. It starts with a mild flavour which quickly accelerates.

Keens' Unpasteurised Cheddar Cheese

Produced by hand using unpasteurised milk to ensure there is maximum flavour, Keens' Cheddar Cheese contains a strong, nutty and creamy taste. This delicious cheese is perfect for everything from melting, adding to your cheeseboard, or simply including in your sandwich filling.   

Bath Soft Cheese Co. Merry Wyfe Cheese

The award-winning Bath Soft Cheese Co. Merry Wyfe Cheese is washed-rind and made with Wyfe of Bath curds. They are pressed and washed in cider every two days for four weeks. It has a distinctive orange rind and rich, creamy texture.

Condiments & Chutneys

What better accompaniment to cheese than some delicious chutneys. Our excellent range of traditional condiments are perfect to eat with cheese and cold meats.

Rose Farm Harvest Chutney

A chutney completely unique to Rose Farm and made with apples. This delicious condiment is perfect to eat with cheese and cold meats or to make an excellent accompaniment to a sandwich or a special dish. 

Rose Farm Wholegrain Mustard

Handmade with their family-owned recipe, Rose Farm Wholegrain Mustard is a traditional coarse wholegrain mustard that goes great with cold meats and other English dishes.

Rose Farm Military Pickle

Providing a tangy taste, this Military Pickle from Rose Farm contains coarse cut vegetables and is based on an old Herefordshire recipe.

Rose Farm Mendip Piccalilli

Packed with chunky vegetables including cauliflower and onions, this mild Rose Farm Mendip Piccalilli offers a sweeter rather than sharp taste.

Tasty Extras

Now that you have all of the essentials, it’s time for some tasty extras! All of these items listed below will complement your selection of cold meats, cheese and chutney and will help you create an amazing charcuterie board.

You can browse our luxurious range of charcuterie, chorizo and other cold meats here and discover the rest of our amazing produce here. If you have a go at making a charcuterie board using our delicious produce then feel free to share it with us on Facebook.

Post By Rosie Burnman

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