Although goat may not be the first option that comes to your mind when it comes to cooking dinner with meat, it doesn’t mean it’s less tasty than other red meats! Offering the same versatility as lamb, goat meat can be used in many recipes including with Mediterranean herbs and traditional flavours such as rosemary and mint. Due to its lower fat content, it is recommended you cook goat joints slowly over a low heat to make the most of its delicious flavour. So to provide a great alternative to your cooking options, we look at how to cook goat meat in today’s post.


Ways To Cook Goat Meat
There are a few ways to cook goat meat and it is very similar to how you would treat beef or lamb. It all depends on the type of goat you are looking to use whether that’s loin chops, goat on the bone or rack of goat. Whichever you fancy, they all require slow cooking and the use of a low heat so that the meat can become succulent and tender.

Stewing Goat
It is easier to cut the goat meat into cubes, or if not you can use a goat leg for stewing as it is. Then you should consider marinating the meat and any vegetables you are going to have with it - for instance garlic and rosemary may be good options and heat in a saucepan before placing it in a slow cooker. Add some stock and tomato paste and keep the stew simmering for two hours until the meat is tender. You can serve this with rice or vegetables.


Roasting Goat
The best thing about goat meat is that any part of it can be roasted to make a unique and delicious Sunday dinner! It is recommended to cook the meat at a lower temperature (150°C) and to wrap it in tin foil so that it doesn’t dry out. It needs roasting for about an hour and once cooked, it should come apart easily.

Frying Loin Chops
Like other meats such as pork, goat meat can dry out easily if it is cooked for too long. However an advantage of frying in a pan is that you can add other ingredients whilst it’s cooking to increase the flavour. Rub your seasoning and olive oil onto the loin chops and fry over a medium heat for eight to ten minutes, or until cooked.


Goat Meat Recipes
There are many dinners you can enjoy with goat meat, thanks to its great versatility. What’s more, it’s less calories and something different! Here are a few of our recipe ideas:

  • Goat Meat Curry - Cook in the same way as you would a normal curry, just change your flavourings and make sure the meat is slow cooked.
  • Roast Goat - A great option for a Sunday roast, goat meat is something which the whole family can enjoy and it provides an alternative meat.
  • Rolled Shoulder Of Goat - This is a tender and juicy option for any day in the week and also works well with boneless meat.
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