It's a spicy cooking staple that always comes near the top of our list...

So to help you make the most of this sizzling showstopper of an ingredient, Kimbers' Farm Shop give you our favourite recipes to get the most out of your latest chorizo purchase.

Why Cook With Chorizo?

Chorizo is a deliciously fiery, flavoursome and smoky pork sausage, with a distinctive and bold flavour that will liven up any dish with a spicy Spanish twist.

Mediterranean Brunch

Kick-start your day or impress a group of house guests with a taste of alfresco Spanish-inspired living.

Give this Spanish eggs with chorizo & peppers dish a go. All you need is one pan, 200g of chorizo, a few other key ingredients and you'll be able to serve as many as four guests with this mouthwateringly simple choice.


Authentic Tapas Snack

Recreate the real tapas experience with some great garden party style finger food. The fiery chorizo will leave a great impression on anyone, particularly when paired with a pitcher of your favourite summer drink...

Try sautéed chorizo with red wine. It only takes four easy steps and tastes even better than it looks...


A Home Comfort... With A Kick!

You don't have to create a special dish to add a bit of a chorizo twist...

The Chorizo & Vegetable Stew is a versatile dish that will be a surefire winner at any time of year. You'll need two medium chorizo sausages, a load of veg and a few other key ingredients to get this meal prepped.


A Tantalising Tortilla 

Revisit the Spanish theme with this irresistible tortilla recipe made using jersey royal potatoes, eggs, spinach and 120g of chorizo, cut into small diced pieces. Once finished, cut into 4-6 wedges and serve to your guests warm.


Spicy Spaghetti

Spice up your weekday carbonara with this creamy cheese and chorizo spaghetti dish that is simply bursting with flavour. Once you've added the cheese, diced chorizo and freshly chopped parsley to the spaghetti, add a poached egg for a perfect finishing touch.


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