Whether you're throwing a high class dinner party or putting on a casual afternoon spread, nothing makes a statement quite like a creative and delicious charcuterie and cheese board platter.

Creating a beautiful charcuterie board is a culinary window into that sun drenched, al fresco, Mediterranean lifestyle that we only really get to experience during the summer holidays and seasonal escapes abroad.

There's a rustic and sophisticated appeal in laying out an arrangement of eclectic meats, cheeses, olives and breads and it's also a great way to allow your friends, family or colleagues to pick and choose exactly what they want.

So if you're looking to make a big impression at your next casual, formal or professional function, Kimbers' will show you how to build the perfect charcuterie board from a series of simple but very effective components.


There are a huge number of styles, textures and types of cheese out there... So how do you select the right ones to go on your board?

The key is variety, so consider age, softness, hardness, creaminess and of course, taste. Your cheese selection should appeal to a wide range of different personal preferences, but don't go completely left-field! Choose at least a few that you know your guests will love as well as a couple of obscure and eclectic options to test their taste buds!

If you're stuck for ideas, try mixing and matching with this handy cheese choosing chart.

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Next up - find some delicatessen meats to compliment your cheeses - mixing and matching different meats according to depth of flavour and versatility across your spread.

Kimbers' stock a handpicked selection of the finest Charcuterie & Chorizo, chosen based on quality, adaptability and flavour within your board. Smoked ham goes brilliantly with cheese and crackers, guanciale is simply made for slicing and pancetta is the showstopping side serving that everyone will be reaching for.

Breads & Crackers

Bread and crackers are the transport vessels for your charcuterie and cheese. Offer your guests a few different shapes and sizes of crackers and don't forget to add a freshly heated and sliced baguette or to two to give your spread a professional finishing touch.


You don't have to be a sommelier to get the right wine on the go at your charcuterie and cheese party - pretty much anything will go down a treat - but if in doubt, why not try our taster sized wine bottles to discover your new favourite?



Plenty of ripe seed bearing fruits will fit effortlessly into your board, adding colour and shape to the spread whereas nuts, grapes, figs and even crisps act as the perfect snack for your guests to help themselves to.

If you do all these steps right, and add a dash of your own creative flair, you might end up with something that looks as good as this!

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Post By Ed Mason

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