While many of us appreciate the luxury of local produce, it is important to remember how and where our food comes from. Here at Kimber’s, we have been farming the same land for over 300 years and have become experts in animal husbandry. As traditional farmers, we know what it takes to deliver the finest quality and freshest flavours, even if there are always new things to be learned along the way! So to expand your farming knowledge before your next food purchase, here our some fascinating farm facts you may not have known!


10. The majority of food (60%) consumed in the UK is grown on British farms.

9. Crops take up four and a half million hectares of land in the UK.

8. A large tractor can perform the equivalent of 100 men working a whole week.

7. Everyday, 60 million pints of milk are produced from UK dairy cows. This is the equivalent of just over 15 Olympic swimming pools.

6. There are nearly five million pigs in the UK.

5. There are more than 160 million chickens in the UK.

4. The UK produces the third largest amount of beef in Europe.

3. Over five and a half million tonnes of potatoes are grown on farms a year. This is enough to cover 120,000 football pitches!

2. The UK produces more sheep than any other country in Europe.

1. There are 20 million hectares of farmland in the UK. This is the same as 30 million football pitches!

So there you have it, an interesting list of farm facts that you may not have already known!

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Farming the same land for 300 years