Cheese is an extremely popular food these days, not just as something to eat, but also as a conversation topic. Whenever there’s a party, it’s hard to avoid the word being mentioned as people share their opinions about their favourites, or take a group photograph! So when it comes to hosting a dinner party, it’s important to have a delicious selection on offer. There are a number of cheese options you can choose for a cheese platter and there is no right or wrong way. So for inspiration, here are our top cheese platter ideas.


Cheese Before Dinner
Cheese can be a great appetiser before dinner when served in a tasteful way. It is a good idea to offer lighter options such as fresh mozzarella or goats cheese so that guests are not too full before a main course. We also recommend about 1 to 2 ounces per person with savoury pieces such as olives, nuts and chutney.

After Dinner Cheese
When serving cheese after dinner, you are able to be a bit more free with your selection and you can allow for 1 to 2 ounces of each per person. You can either go for rich and creamier cheeses, or for full flavoured, mature pieces.

Location Themed Cheese
You can narrow down your cheese platter by offering flavours from a specific location in the world. You can focus on cheeses from the U.S.A, Spain or France, or even just regions in England such as Dorset or Somerset.

Milk Specific Cheese
Although you can have cheese made with either milk from a cow, goat or sheep, you can make your selection from just one milk category. In doing this, you can learn about the different tastes and styles of cheese.

Family Of Cheeses
To distinguish between flavours of cheese, you can opt for a cheese platter focused on the same family of flavours. For example, you can have soft cheeses such as brie and mozzarella, or you can have more distinctive blue cheeses.

Textured Cheeses
Have the same textured cheeses on your cheese platter with soft and creamy cheeses for example, or a harder cheese selection such as cheddar. This will make it easier to decide which accompaniments you can put with your platter.

Remember to not overcrowd your cheese platter as this will be difficult for guests to grab what they want and also try and serve your cheese at room temperature.

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